TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019 (1st tour)

The TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019 (1st tour) has just started!!
On the stage 1, we cycled from Nasu to Aizu! Rode between beautiful vast rice fields and visited an old hidden shrine in the deep deep forest! And relaxed in onsen and enjoyed gorgeous Kaiseki style Japanese dishes!!

The Stage 2 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019!
After visiting a castle in Aizu, the city of the last Samurai, we climbed up to super scenic mountain road in Mt. Bandai. And we tasted much local and seasonal foods like homemade cakes, Tempura with udon, famous “Fukushima Peach” and gorgeous Kaiseki dinner with local sake!! Yes, this is the way to enjoy Deep side of Japan by bike!!

Ride through a quiet dam lake and shiny green roads passing the border into Yamagata! Taste famous soba of Yamagata, visit a beautiful winery with 100 years history! The Stage 3 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019!

The highlight of Stage 4 in TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019! Super panoramic view from the cliff edge of sacred mountain with hidden shrine!! And of course, full of delicious local foods during ride!! Walking around a small onsen town with Yukata and Geta is also a special experience.

Cool down in front of a magnificent hidden waterfall after riding in the deep mountains! The Stage 5 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019!

Ride along the Sea of Japan and heading to Kakunodate via beautiful countryside flat roads!! And in Kakunodate, we enjoyed exciting festival and nice Kaiseki style local Japanese cuisine at a historical Ryotei!!

Experience a workshop of cherry bark art and learn about Samurai house from a descendant of samurai during the half-rest day in Kakunodate. After leaving Kakunodate, cycle half around Lake Tazawa and climb to a really hidden fantastic onsen!! The Stage 7 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019!

Hopping onsen to onsen!! Leave a really hidden onsen and headed to another gorgeous riverside onsen via fantastic mountain roads! The Stage 8 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019!

Ride beyond a pass and border, we cycle into Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Japan’s main land!! Enjoy famous apple pies, ride and walk along beautiful Oirase Gorge and stay at a fantastic onsen resort in the forest! The Stage 9 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019!

Cycle through a mysterious beach tree forest and beyond Mt. Hakkoda, finished 10 days ride at Aomori port!! And of course, enjoyed much foods and drinks like hamburg steak, specialty coffee, sake tasting workshop and fresh seafood including famous tuna!! The Stage 10 of TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2019 (1st tour)!!