TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2018 has been started with warm send-off from the local people in Nasu!

Stage 2 was a sunny climb and foggy downhill!
From Aizu to Iizaka Onsen. Stopped at papa & mama’s fruit farm for a sweet peach!

Stage 3, we felt the nature of Tohoku on some quiet narrow forest roads and experienced Japanese foods & cultures including soba, konnyaku and old temples.

Stage 4, we cycled from Ginzan Onsen to Sakata. Stopped at a magnificent hidden waterfall and old shrine.

Stage 6  was a short climbing course from Kakunodate to Nyuto Onsen via Lake Tazawa. That was a sunny beautiful ride again.

Stage 7 was the queen stage with tough mountain climbs from Nyuto Onsen to Oirase Gorge via Hachimantai Mountains.
Finally, all of 18 participants from the world finished TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour 2018 at the Cape Oma yesterday. A beautiful evening glow on the Tsugaru Channe celebrated our goal!
It was a wonderful time for our team with the fantastic guests!
The info of the next year tour will be announced to subscribers of following website soon.