Trans-Tohoku SAKURA tour

Our Trans-Tohoku SAKURA tour has just started from Nasu to Fukushima today!
Beautiful cherry blossoms can bee seen everywhere in this region! The fresh vegetable full course lunch at local farmer’s house was also fantastic!!
Slow & gorgeous downhill cycling along a beautiful stream on the mossy gorge in Aomori. It was the stage 6 of Trans-Tohoku SAKURA Bike Tour.
On the final stage of Trans-Tohoku SAKURA Bike Tour, the team from HK enjoyed a snow corridor, fully blossomed SAKURA in Hirosaki Castle and cycle through historical wooden house towns. Finally, arrived Aomori Port and tasted fresh sea foods including famous Oma Tuna!!
The annual TRANS-TOHOKU Bike Tour will be held September 1 – 12 and September 24 – October 5, 2019.